As your vehicle fleet ages, they become less fuel economical and force decisions for replacement.

Though a conventional fleet management strategy, it is not the most efficient especially when the powertrain is where the duty cycle wear and tear is most evident.

Upgrade to an Advanced Transmission

By replacing the transmission with a torque assist (Hybrid) upgrade, fuel economy of the same vehicle is increased by 30% on average, improving the overall vehicle ROI prior to the end of its duty cycle.

Improved vehicle Return On Investment (ROI)

This improves the life cycle retention return on investment (ROI) of the vehicle whether as a new or aftermarket upgrade.

Product Ordering

To get started, a pilot program focused on customizing and optimizing ROI to the customer’s existing fleet operation is completed to design and simulate expectations that will be met with the new technology.

The transmission maybe procured as a kit or installed in an ordered vehicle. We generally upfit existing and new fleet with the advanced transmission, further discounting overall cost by recycling the replaced transmission into the spare part market.

How We Do It

Secure used (or new) trucks (Step 1)
Install torque Assist Transmission (Step 2)
Deliver upfitted vehicles (Step 3)
Vehicle Applications

Trucks, Cargo Vans, SUVs


Vehicle fleets are mostly comprised of stock models with no specific user preferences especially in duty cycle customization or how the vehicle is used by the customer.

As a result, fuel consumption reducing solutions have focused on driver behavior training and management at the mercy of human error.

The new transmission addresses this driving behavior with an intelligent energy management system where the overall engine power demand is modulated with the patented torque assist capability from recuperated energy during driving.

As a result, there is less demand from the engine and a reduced amount of fuel used for the same miles compared to the Manual, CVT and Automatic transmission.


Stop and start with idling management allows energy recuperation for full recharge of the battery or UltraCapacitor before the engine is switched off (and back on) by the transmission.

This eliminates the high wear and tear of the starter motor as in conventional stop and starts.


The new transmission shares over 60% common parts with the traditional Automatics but eliminates the need for the torque converter, frictional clutches and associated hydraulic units. The variable ratio configuration also eliminates drive torque interruptions common with step shift transmissions.

Power choices include a 48V specification or a higher 230V option.


By upgrading to the Torque Assist Transmission, the same vehicle’s CO2 footprint is reduced below the manufacturer’s EPA levels.

Vehicle integration is less intrusive due to the simple replacement of the existing transmission and the addition of an energy management module.

Vehicle ROI is further improved with fewer refueling stops and lower powertrain wear and tear from the extremities of aggressive drive cycle routines.

Compared to an Automatic in an identical vehicle, fuel economy is on averaged increased by 32.3% or an extra 10MPG though numbers will vary depending on vehicle type and usage.

Target Segment with Best ROI

Greater returns for lower fuel efficient vehicles.

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